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Café Memoria

Your stay will be memorable


Anna Pervova

CV: Trina Deuhart

Anna is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, Elena. She startles easily and is quite shy. Her mother thinks that by allowing her daughter to work, her confidence will improve. However, she doesn't think so. Because of her personality she tends to fidget a lot and is quite clumsy.

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Mikaela Kier

CV: Skyler Davenport

Mikaela is Ryne's childhood friend, and is somewhat overprotective of him. She inadvertently broke something expensive, and now she's forced into a part-time job to pay it off. She has a very short temper and loses patience easily. Often gets into petty arguments with Julia.

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Tristina Hamilton

CV: Cayla Martin

Tristina decided to work at the restaurant because she thinks they're cosplaying, although Anna insists they’re not. Despite this, she has a hard time with males and treats them differently compared to females.

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Aurelia Alvarez

CV: Sayaka Mashiro

Aurelia wanted to work at the restaurant because of a certain guy she knows is a regular there, who she considers a very sweet guy. She is perhaps the nicest, and the most physically attractive girl in the restaurant, albeit airheaded and lacking in common sense.

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Julia Sakuraba

CV: Samantha Chan

Despite having a talent for cooking, Julia opted to be a waitress in hopes of improving her relationships with her friends, including Anna. She’s very modest and polite, and downplays any accomplishments she’s done. Unwillingly finds herself in petty arguments with Mikaela.

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Ryne Reyes

CV: Josh del Mundo

Ryne is the main male protagonist who visits Café Memoria for breakfast, after forgetting to buy groceries the night before. Described as calm and friendly by most of his friends, he likes to help them with the problems they face.

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Elena Pervova

CV: None

Anna’s mother, and owner of Café Memoria. Although you never see her in the game, her name is mentioned several times throughout. She is described as an easygoing woman who likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter.