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Café Memoria Released!!

2015/06/26 8:00 AM

Café Memoria is now released! Play it now!


Café Memoria Release Date Set

2015/05/25 2:50 PM

Café Memoria is scheduled for a release date at 2015/06/26. Look forward to it!

Café Memoria Added

2014/09/03 2:30 PM

Added Café Memoria to the projects page. Come check it out!


Site Now Open!

2014/09/01 12:00 PM

Site is now open! It took me a while to get this site up and running, but here it is!

What is PixælSoft?

PixælSoft is a small game studio focusing on visual novels (VN).

Come take a look at the various projects, or contact me if you have any questions!